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Reference Desk

Reference Sites

Country Reference
CIA World Factbook
Countries of the World infoplease
Portals of the World LOC international reference
US Dept of State Country Pages

English Reference
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
OneLook.com Dictionary search
Punctuation Made Simple

Medical Reference
Dealing with Emergencies WebMD
First-Aid Guide Mayo Clinic

Reference Centers
Finding Information on the Internet Tutorial UC Berkeley Workshop
The Internet Public Library
LII.org Librarians' Index to the Internet
NYT's CyberTimes Navigator

Research Centers
Earth Calendar Worldwide holidays & celebrations
Infomine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

Local Links
Chamber of Commerce Petaluma
ci.Santa-Rosa.ca.us City of Santa Rosa
RedwoodCU.org Redwood Credit Union
RPCity.org City of Rohnert Park
SantaRosa.edu Santa Rosa Junior College
Sonoma-County.org County of Sonoma

EDI and Numbering Links
UPC/EAN/SSCC/ISBN Utilities The first field is for UPCs, the second for EANs, and the sixth for ISBNs.
Uniform Code Council Oversees the use of UPCs.
BISG.org Book Industry Study Group sets EDI and barcode standards.
EAN-INT.org Sets EAN standards.
NISO.org National Information Standards Organization: sets standards for publishers and libraries.
ANSI.org American National Standards Institute: sets barcode & many other standards.
AIMGlobal.org Sets barcode standards.
DISA.org Data Interchange Standards Association: sets EDI standards.
Bowker.com The US ISBN agency.
ISBN-International.org International ISBN agency.

>> EDI and Numbering Changes
2005 Sunrise: companies that use the 12-digit UPC are expected to add capability for using the 13-digit EAN by January 1, 2005.
Another Digit, Another Deadline ComputerWorld

The ISBN is retiring in 2007! It is being replaced by the "ISBN-13", which is a new name for the Bookland EAN (the 13-character format used to barcode an ISBN). Currently all Bookland EAN's start with "978", but once the plan is into the implementation phase, new products will be assigned "979" prefixes instead.

Demographics, Statistics, Public Records
Fedstats.gov | USA.gov
World Fact Book

Tech Reference Links
Data Rates
CNET.com research, technical help, free downloads
File Formats look up explains .xxx file extensions
Internet Traffic Report a bit technical, but it monitors web slow-downs all over the world
Whois look up find the owner of a domain name

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